The Future of the Car Vending Machine

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February 12, 2020
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March 10, 2020

The Future of the Car Vending Machine

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In a previous blog post, we discussed the truth about the car vending machine. The post mentioned the origins of the technology used by Carvana among other interesting facts of the automated parking technology.

Car vending machines are no longer exclusive to the dealership giant. In fact, the technology is readily available for dealerships, commercial and residential developments and can absolutely contribute to unforeseen savings that this technology can produce.
Are developments limited to one type of automated parking system?

Short answer: No.

In fact, the automated parking system market has a plethora of options available for the specific needs of each development. When it comes to parking, the common one size fits all approach is not the most efficient and we think there should be more customized solutions to fit the needs of each development.

The future of “car vending machines” comes down to two things: Current parking needs and acceptance of change by cities and the like. The technology is available, ready and proven; many cities in California are already adopting and welcoming such technology and more cities across the US are beginning to see the true benefits of such.

The automated parking system market is growing at a rapid pace and should absolutely be considered in each and every current and future development. We have seen a growth in consideration but we think there needs to be more. With the environmental and economic benefits this technology brings, there has to be introduced as a solution and not an alternative.

The age of IoT brings connected cities and ones that rely on space, data, and technology. Smart cities cannot truly be technology efficient when it still relies on a less efficient concrete box to solve the storage solution of vehicles (driverless or not).
A solution beyond driverless vehicles needs to be on hand

The reality is that we are in need of efficient storage solutions and automated parking can absolutely satisfy the need while bringing another level of security to vehicles and its citizens.

The first step, before blindly accepting Carvana’s vending machine as your only option is to contact your automated parking expert.

This expert understands the technology, parking regulations and the current obstacles set by such parking regulations. They will then provide you with the right solution for your development; and, to aim for successful integration, the expert should be brought in the early stages of design. (more on this in our upcoming blogs.)

Aside from the beautiful look and awe that Carvana’s car vending machine brings, there is not much else it leaves to the imagination and quite frankly, it is not the best system when space-saving solutions are what you need.

The future of the car vending machine is purely left to you: the real estate developer, the architect, the user. California and New York have happily accepted the automated parking system as a solution, so it is time we accept and integrate this solution for the ultimate growth of our cities.

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