Types of Automated Parking Systems

automated parking systems
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Types of Automated Parking Systems

Although there are infinite options and a wide selection of parking lifts and automated systems in the market, not all of them are created equal.

Vehicle lifts and automated systems are designed and built to varying degrees of engineering, quality, durability, and aesthetics; and they are also designed and built to fit different purposes ranging from simple auto-repair shops to complex commercial operations and high-density projects.

We will talk about 3 systems recommended for Multi-Unit Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications that range from Medium to Large Size projects.
Bidirectional Parking System (AKA Puzzle): The versatility of the Bidirectional or “Puzzle” Parking System lies in its modular nature and its capability to expand in all directions (horizontally, vertically and even underground). Puzzle Systems add parking stalls horizontally, stack levels vertically and even create extra stalls underground when combined with pit parking systems. Puzzle Systems may also be installed one in front of the other to maximize space usage when depth is an advantage.

Rotary Parking System: Increase parking capacity four (4) to eight (8) times! Rotary Parking Systems are able to accommodate up to sixteen (16) vehicles in the space of two (2); definitely, one of the most efficient parking solutions when it comes to maximizing horizontal space and taking advantage of vertical space. These systems represent one of the oldest concepts and technologies in the industry; their long trajectory of proven safety and reliability makes them a favorite when vertical space is scarce and height is an advantage.

Tower Parking System: The Tower Parking System is definitely the most efficient system when it comes to saving horizontal space and taking advantage of vertical space. The Tower is able to multiply the existing parking capacity more than 20 times, using the footprint of three parking spaces. Towers may be installed one next to the other, one behind the other and in clusters; increasing even more their incredible potential for space optimization.
Although it seems we are only talking about three systems, the versatility of each creates a plethora of choices available for your project. Automated parking systems will allow you to maximize space and even be considered an amenity in residential projects. Just think of our most recent project in Hanover, NH the custom, “Puzzle-Pit” system is first of its kind in the US and allows for historical preservation, satisfy infill requirements and allow parking efficiency.

Another great example of this technology is the Silo System which has become greatly known thanks to Carvana and the advertisement of their “car vending machine.” Carvana is a great example of the inventive possibilities automated parking systems can bring.

Whether it is a “car vending machine” or an incredibly space-saving solution, Automated Parking systems have become a more sustainable and efficient solution to solve the vehicle parking hurdle.

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